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Trade Sign Notes:

Trade signs are automatically protected and can't be broken by others,

 but they can be pushed by pistons or burned if the block it's standing on catches on fire.
For your own safety, place the sign in a WorldGuarded region (see below)

and NOT on top of a flammable block. You have been warned – the server doesn't take responsibility for lost trade signs.

Do not right click a trade sign if you don't fully understand what it's trading for.

 Some people like to set up scam signs that sell common items (like dirt blocks) for large sums of money. 

If a trade sign specifies item ID numbers instead of the item's name and a regular sign next to it explaining what the item is,

 then check the item code with the Minecraft Wiki before using it.

Feb 15
How to work with Tradesigns!

So, you want to make some in game $ or trade with others for stuff?  Heres how you do it!

You start with $500 and you can use trade signs to trade items with other players.

You can trade items for items, items for money, or money for items. 
Pictured below is the syntax for a trade sign.

If you type something incorrectly, it will throw an error message and invalidate the sign.
Trade Signs Example

In the first example, we will buy 1 diamond for $50.

We will deposit $250 on the sign, which means we can buy a total of 5 diamonds since $50 times 5 equals $250:

Type THIS on a sign...       To get THIS tradesign

1 diamond
1 diamond:0

Every time someone with a DIAMOND clicks on the sign, they will be PAID $50.

EXAMPLE 2: In the second example, we will sell 32 arrows at a price of $5 per 10 arrows. 

You must have the 32 arrows with you when you place the sign, otherwise it won't work.

Type THIS on a sign...       To get THIS tradesign

10 arrow:32
10 arrow:32